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What we do

Terrapure works with regulators and industry to treat, protect and conserve water. Through our facilities or directly on customer sites with mobile equipment, we develop innovative processes and employ the most advanced technologies to treat organic and inorganic wastewater.

More than simply treating wastewater, Terrapure looks for cost-saving opportunities to reduce fresh water use, increase reuse and improve discharge quality in your operation.

Whenever possible, we recover valuable by-products from wastewater, such as high-quality oil for recycling.

How we do it

Technology and expertise are the key to meeting wastewater regulations and gaining operational efficiencies. It’s why we keep investing in and developing the most advanced technologies and processes.

With these investments in knowledge and equipment, we are able to:

  • Meet increasingly stringent discharge requirements in jurisdictions across Canada
  • Test discharge and treat wastewater on customer sites, recovering up to 99% of water for reuse
  • Separate hydrocarbons from water and then return hydrocarbons to customers and treat water for reuse in steam generation
  • Recover precious metals from mine wastewater, and return them to customers

And the list goes on.


  • Organic and inorganic wastewater treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Contaminated ground water treatment
  • Mobile water treatment services
  • Bilge water treatment
  • Sludge processing
  • Dredging & dewatering
  • Pond/lagoon management
  • Biosolids management
  • Filtration
  • Hydrovac services
  • Marine services

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