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Every waste stream. Every industry sector. Everywhere you need us.

With a coast-to-coast network of facilities, onsite operations that bring expertise and equipment directly to customer sites, and experience serving virtually every industry and waste stream, we are equipped to address your unique needs and to solve your most complex environmental challenges.

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Health and safety.
It's part of our DNA.

Terrapure's zero-harm health and safety mindset comes from understanding that each and every one of us is accountable for our own safety and the safety of those around us. Above everything we do, we work together to ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the communities where we live and work.

That means following all regulations to the letter and taking the time to ensure that everyone on our team is fully aware of proper safety procedures through extensive training programs.

We're good at what we do because we don't compromise. Rest assured that at Terrapure, safety is a core value for which we all take ownership.

We are proud to have received the 2016 Industry Excellence Award for Health & Safety from Natural Resources Magazine for our strong safety record and programs.

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Professionalism isn't just another word here.

At Terrapure, professionalism means a lot. It means we show up on time and do the job well. That we are transparent in everything we do, from the way we communicate with our stakeholders to the way we handle even the most routine paperwork. It means we understand, follow and, wherever possible, exceed regulations.

Ultimately, being professional means doing the right thing, the right way, day in and day out.

A long-standing record of customer service.

Terrapure has built a long-standing reputation for outstanding customer service. We listen to you, and we respond. We partner with you to get to the root of your waste management challenges and come up with the right solutions. This means we bring the best available people, processes, technology and services to meet your needs – whether it be through our facility network or right at the source on your site.

We equate service with value – value in the reliability we provide, in the by-products we recover and in our belief in doing the right thing, the right way. Try partnering with Terrapure and we're confident you'll agree.

We are proud of our industry-leading health and safety performance. Our Total Recordable Injury Rate is consistently well below that of our OSHA hazardous waste industries peer group.

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